Oil of the First Press:

  • Like the traditional “kohlu” oil, Naturelle has undergone a chemical free yet very modern physical process, to extract the finest portion of oil.
  • Only the best seed from the latest crop of Sunflower, Canola and Sarsoon is chosen. No solvent or chemical extraction methods are used.

Chemical Free Refining

  • Thereafter the oil is slowly and carefully refined with organic materials to clear off all harmful substances and offending odors. No chemicals are used.
  • The oil is refined through physical filtering, heat and vacuum processes only.
  • Whenever any kind of food or oil is treated with chemicals, it may leave harmful traces behind.
  • The use of Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine – two harmful substances – to bleach cooking oil is very common. Even small traces of substances, when left behind during refining processes, can cause serious damage to your body, especially your digestive tract.
  • Naturelle is Oil of the First Press.It means that the oil does not go through the usual solvent extraction process.
  • The oil is heated at over 200 degree centigrade, which removes all impurities by turning them into gaseous state.
  • These gases are then sucked out through the vacuum system which results in a chemical free, pure end product.
  • Naturelle,an oil refined only with organic materials is produced, packed and its quality guaranteed by Punjab Oil Mills, the makers of Can-olive.
  • No chemicals whatsoever are used in the extraction or refining process and the oil is therefore completely free from all chemicals, or preservatives.
  • Apart from physical processes like heat, filtration and vacuum only organic materials are used during the refining process.
  • The only additives in the oil are the Vitamins A & D which are added to qualify under the PSQA standards.
  • It is an oil of the first press only and no solvent extracted oil is used.

Naturelle Banaspati

  • Like producing the purest form of Cooking Oil POM extends its product basket by including Banaspati.
  • Trans-fat free Banaspati available in Pakistan (Proved By the reports of Punjab Food Authority)
  • 2 % Trans-fat found in Naturelle Banaspati which is natural Trans-fat found in the original oil.
  • Non- Hydrogenated and free from all chemical preservatives.
  • As part of our ongoing product improvement program, we have undertaken a Trans-fat Free Initiative in our company; where by a Task Force on Trans-fat Free products has been set up to research and evaluate the commercial and technical feasibility of achieving Trans-fat Free Status for our products.
  • For this purpose, the task force has already identified three methodologies (Fat Blend Formulation, Chemical Interesterification and Enzymatic Interesterification) and is pursuing all three keeping in mind the functional requirements of our various products.

No Chemicals No Preservatives

The other distinguishing factor in Naturelle is the absence of any chemical preservatives as they can great affect digestive system and are injurious to health. It is a pure vegetable oil without artificial extraction, bleach and preservatives. Naturelle Gives Purity Ki Surety

In order to comply with all the modern standards of food safety and purity we put it through further refining. This is a very modern and highly sophisticated process where all foreign matter, any free fatty acids, rancidity and moisture are evaporated through high temperature and vacuum. This is done in very large food grade stainless steel showers especially imported for this purpose. The oil is then put through very fine micron filters to remove any suspended matter and then checked and bottled. It is nature’s bounty with all its nourishment and vigour –and without any chemical, petroleum or preservatives thus it gives you. Purity Ki Surety”