Punjab Oil Mills Limited (POML) was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of Banaspati and Cooking Oil. Our production facilities were established In Islamabad, Pakistan and commercial production commenced in 1984. Since then we have massively broadened our product range by introducing specialized products to better meet our customer’s needs. This has been achieved by constantly investing in modern technologies and capital equipment to boost product quality, reduce costs and expand our production capabilities. Today, apart from our broad range of Banaspati and Cooking 0il products, our ongoing Research and Development process aims to produce new and improved products.
In addition, as part of our “Trans-fat Free Initiative”, we have already switched to a Trans-fat Free formulation for our Banaspati, focused on providing Trans-fat Free solutions to household and other customers as well.ith a persistent dedication to product development and deliverance of highest standards, POML launched “Creative Business Division” in 2016 by launching a new range of Cooking Oil & Banaspati with a brand name “Naturelle”.